Eric Dymond  

The paintings are a synthesis of modern techniques and traditional still life painting.The colours are sprayed in layers and then the highlights are achieved through the use of a fine sandblaster.The ambient,circumambient and reflected space define a grace and elegance using simple everyday objects.Most are culled from restaurant supply houses and junk stores,set-up,rearranged and studied .For more information please see my Resume.
Electronic work exhibited in different venues in Canada and abroad include Newmail, Soft Hands and VRML work.

A complex arrangement,1994, "56" by "36", acr. on canvas.
Pasedena,1992, "40"by "60", acr.on canvas.
  Venus Automatic, "30" by "40",acr.,1994
  Radio Hanoi,1994, "16" by "24",acr.on canvas
For C.P.,1995, "40" by "60",acr.on canvas.
  Broad-Band,1995, "36" by "54",acr.on canvas. 
With You Still(life),1993,56"by36",acr.on canvas
Underpass,1985, "32" by "48",acr.on canvas. 

.An interactive project called The Doorway is online at artseen. 

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