I walked up to Bloor street on a hot July night.As I turned the corner the heat and sound hit me like a wall.

Blind July the Soundwall is an interactive web project which is played by the viewer.The above image shows the first page of the project.The coloured bars(tables) are linked to sound files.The black and white bars(tables) link to the next page in the piece.Each coloured bar plays a different sound on the first page(short single notes).As you proceed through the work the outermost coloured bars,which continue to diminish in number,will flash.The flashing bars link to the next sound files which increase in duration and complexity,while the inner static bars remain linked to their original sounds.By clicking on the image on the final page the sound file which merges all the previous ones is played. An online sound/media player plug-in is required to listen to this work.The files are small ones so navigating through the site is not time consuming.

This is a very abstract work,text is minimal.

Eric Dymond June 27,1996.

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